Hot Oil Treatment

See what our stylist Clare has to say about an awesome at home oil treatment that will go the extra step in reviving your hair. Her first word of advice is “Sometimes conditioner just won't do!”


First off I recommend that you use raw, organic, cold pressed coconut oil for your hair. It's thick consistency delivers the best results. However, olive or avocado oil are great too.



Step 1: Brush out your hair so it's easy to apply the oil. Make sure your hair is dry. I also suggest you prep your bathroom by putting a towel on the floor in case some were to drip.

Step 2: Make sure the oil is slightly warm so it is a thin consistency. Apply mid-shaft to end of hair. Applying it to the root is not necessary since it make it more difficult to remove later.

Step 3: Once the oil is evenly spread throughout your hair, wrap it up in a towel and just let it hang! The longer the better. Recommended time is 15-30 minutes



Step 1: Since water and oil do not mix apply shampoo directly onto your dry/oily hair and lather it as much as possible. At this point, rinse the shampoo and shampoo again.

Step 2: Repeat shampooing until you feel necessary.


I won't lie removing the oil can be a pain but the results are worth it! I had done a coconut oil treatment a couple of days ago and I cannot stress enough the difference it made in my hair. My hair feels more alive and you also can't beat the silkiness and shine it gives to your hair!


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Natalie Riley