Color Trend - Eclipting

Happy First Day of Spring! This morning I took to the internet to check out the latest trends for Spring 2017. My hope was to find a fun upcoming trend that I could share with all of you and I found something that was even better than I could have ever imagined.


“Eclipting” is a hair color buzz word trending in 2017. This makes me all sorts of happy for two reasons. The first reason is because our salon is named Eclipx and the second reason is because it is the perfect term to describe a coloring technique we have been using for a while now but we have never known what to call it!


Eclipting is a technique that uses strategically placed highlights in a dark color to accentuate the shape of the hair while simultaneously contouring the face.


Needless to say.. We are obsessed and you absolutely will hear us using this new “buzz” word in the salon. This technique is a great way to add a pop of color and create dimension without the commitment of an all over head highlight.

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Natalie Riley