The Process of Lash Extensions

Are you curious about the process involved with a Lash Extension Application? Read below to hear what our Lash Artist Kristin has to say about the process involved in Full Set, Fill and Touch Up Lash Appointments.


Before starting the application I have a thorough consultation with my clients. This conversation is used to determine the desired look and answer any questions or concerns you might have. After all questions are answered, you will be asked make yourself comfortable as you lay down on the heated spa bed.


First, a collagen filled eye pad is applied. This is used for my “work” space while the pad hydrates your eyes and provides temporarily relief of fine lines and wrinkles.

Next, medical tape is applied to tape down any loose lower lashes.

This is where you relax and tap a nap!

I then isolate one eyelash with my tweezers, create a fan with the extension, dip lightly into a dot of glue, and apply to the natural lash one by one until every lash has an extension on it. If you are in for a fill old loose lashes will be gently removed prior to new lashes being applied.

The length of your visit depends on the service provided:

Full Sets ($125) - Approx 1.5/2 hours

Partial Set ($90) - Approx 1/1.5 hours

Fills ($60) - Approx 45 mins/1 hour

Touch Up Fill ($30) - 30 mins


Once the process is completed, I will use a fan to set and dry the glue. The eye pads will be removed and you will be free to open your eyes. All clients that receive a Full Set will be given a complimentary Lash Brush and Lash Cleaner. Before checkout I will then explain proper at home maintenance, brushing techniques and answer any further questions.


For appointment please call/text me directly at 978.815.7725

Natalie Riley