Our services


Level 1 stylist

Typically fresh out of training and eager to grow their book. They may seek occasional assistance from a Level 2 or Level 3, but will take advantage of every minute you are together to help you achieve your desired look.  A Level 1 will have the most availability and flexibility in regards to their book. 

level 2 Stylist

Level 2 stylists are in a continuous phase of growth within our salon. Like our Level 3 they will deliver your services with quality, education and  create the ideal overall client experience. A Level 2 will have moderate availability and flexibility when it comes to their book. 

level 3 Stylist

Represent the same qualities presented by both our Level 1 and Level 2, but are typically referred to as our "Team Leaders". They keep everyone grounded, organized and inspired. A Level 3 will have limited availability and flexibility when it comes to their books. 

Level 3+ Stylist

Level 3+ stylists have extensive experience and knowledge in the industry. These stylists take on new clients, however, have limited availability due to a large clientele. Prices for Level 3+ may vary from the Level 3 stylist pricing.